April 2017

– The Worship in Spirit and in Truth focus is on Jesus and what He has done for us

– Word of God used, and the themes of the messages

– Church Family

close relationships

we can rely on each other (to be there when we need support)

– Freedom

when we worship allowing gifts to move

– We are allowed, encouraged, helped, and EXPECTED to grow (mature)

– Holy Spirit is alive, active, and moving here

in worship in Children’s classes at Circle of Promise when the word is preached

– Leadership demonstrates servanthood and are accountable to the authority over them …this brings perspective and support

– Strong LOVE of God here; it is building (a resurgence) we are taking it outside the walls of the church

– We do things in the community to show them the love of Christ

– Pastor is not fearful to invite and allow others to preach and minister here

– Relaxed atmosphere in our gatherings

– Outreach and Missions – local, regional, and to other nations

– What Sr. Pastor has been teaching us about praying for those in need out in the community

– I like that we are responsive to the needs of our community around us. Jesus’ ministry was people-centered and not program-centered. I feel that we do that well in the services we offer and the servant leadership we provide. I am very proud especially of our youth and their hearts for wanting to serve. Our church has been great in showing examples of how to live as servant leaders.

– What I like about my church is that I feel like people truly want to see God move not only at church but in their personal lives.

– I like that our church has a strong desire to grow. We are always looking for ways to grow in spirit and in truth. We are continually seeking to move forward towards the plans and purposes God has for us as a church and as individuals.

– I like our church’s vision that it’s not about religion, but a relationship with God and one another. I like their focus on raising up the next generation and welcoming new ideas that will further His purposes. I like the common prayer theme of His kingdom come and His will to be done. I like the direction the church is going, with being aware of different diverse people that may come to the church and that we can be ready to welcome them into the kingdom like Christ does.

– I like that we offer Sozo ministry for people in the church and community and how that has changed the congregation as they know His truth and receive deliverance. I like that our church has outreaches to our community.

– I also like the team work the leadership has. Where everyone communicates and listens to one another’s opinions. The leadership is so open to new ideas!

– Feeling the presence of the Lord during worship and praying for others.

– Sermons based in the Word & spirit-filled worship

– I love that our church is a giving church. I also like that I know the Word is being taught. And finally, the feeling of family, that people care and are willing to help each other and pray for each other.

– We’re all open and caring to each other. No one is excluded.

– Friendliness and Freedom in Worship

– Sr. Pastor, Steve Gibb

– Assistant Pastor, Kurt Kimmel